Brenda Seville

Brenda Seville

I was introduced to reflexology several years ago when it assisted a family member with a health problem, providing astounding results. I decided I had to find out more, not necessarily to change professions as I was enjoying my life in the corporate world but more to satisfy my curiosity and perhaps assist my family with any future health problems, so I enrolled in an acreditated course which was conducted at weekends and evenings for people who were unavailable at other times. I quickly became hooked, graduating as a Professional Reflexology Practitioner in 1996 and opening my first full time clinic in Glen Waverley soon after. After 15 wonderful years in Glen Waverley, we have now relocated to close by Mulgrave.

Not long after graduating, a friend asked me to help her with some pre-conception issues, so I embarked on a continuing journey of research into pre-conception and fertility issues, fuelling a very strong special interest. I continue to increase my knowledge today through ongoing personal research and study programmes for pre-conception, fertility, maternity, menstrual irregularities & hormonal issues.

On occasions, I am involved in shared-care programmes with other medical practitioners, which greatly benefits my clients. I have helped literally 100’s and 100’s of couples achieve their goal of becoming parents through specifically tailored treatments. Many of whom have conceived naturally after years of trying, some whilst waiting for their next IVF cycle to start, many of my new mums being in their late 30’s to late 40’s.

Reflexology is a safe, natural, drug-free therapy, and I’ll never grow tired of seeing how well people respond to it.

Pre-conception and fertility issues are not the only reasons my clients come for treatments. Reflexology can also assist with many other conditions such as stress reduction, migraines, digestive problems, post operative recovery, or simply maintaining good general health.