“I miraculously fell pregnant naturally!”

After years of infertility due to my condition of PCOS with my only option of IVF for my first baby, and suffering three miscarriages and eight failed rounds of IVF for a second baby, Brenda came recommended by a friend prior to commencing a new stimulated IVF cycle. Previously I had considered alternative therapies prior and during IVF (such as naturopathy and acupuncture) with no result of a pregnancy.

In our first consult I was immediately optimistic about receiving reflexology treatment through Brenda as she was very knowledgeable about my current situation and treatment history, leaving me with hope that she would help us achieve our dream of another healthy baby. My first treatment was perfectly timed to coincide with ovulation, and so, after my first two treatments (before and after ovulation), I miraculously fell pregnant naturally! It was the best feeling ever to phone my fertility specialist to cancel my upcoming IVF cycle. My body hadn’t failed me this time, Brenda made sure of that, it was because of her that we were pregnant! I continued to see Brenda for reflexology throughout my pregnancy, helping to ease symptoms such as morning sickness, and ensure my organs were performing to maintain the optimal environment for my baby to grow. I carried to full term and resulted in the delivery of a very healthy baby boy.

Brenda is the most professional, warm, caring and extremely knowledgeable person in her field, dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for her patients. She goes above and beyond to make even the most anxious of people calm and reassured. Words can’t describe how grateful we are to her and the therapy of reflexology.

Monika, Tim, Liam and baby Mason x

Proven Results

“I highly recommend Brenda of The HealthTree. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the art of reflexology, she has a wealth of knowledge on many aspects of health and wellness. She is incredibly kind and caring and goes above and beyond for her patients. You can really tell she is invested in achieving positive outcomes. Most of all, she has proven results. After 5 miscarriages Brenda helped me to conceive and maintain my pregnancy and I delivered a healthy baby girl. Her skill in conception and pregnancy is outstanding, as is her care in general wellness. So very happy with the care I received! “

– Rose

Greatest Gift
“We are so grateful for the amazing treatments, knowledge, guidance and support provided by Brenda from The health Tree. We were introduced to Brenda during a very challenging IVF journey. We were exhausted, anxious and losing hope. Brenda’s knowledge of natural conception and IVF was exceptional. She was honest and said that she would not offer reflexology if she didn’t think she could help us.

This was such a refreshing approach. She recommended a brilliant IVF specialist and together they complimented each other with the treatment program we undertook, successfully treating Natural Killer Cells and improving egg quality. Almost two years to the day of meeting Brenda, we welcomed our beautiful son into the world in Oct 2018.

Brenda’s approach is incredibly calming, she is wonderful to talk to and she is an expert in her field. We did everything that Brenda suggested to us and we honestly believe that by doing so, we received the greatest gift”.
– Elissa and Pete

Quick Results Naturally
“My husband and I were trying to conceive for approx 6 yrs prior to seeing Brenda in Feb 2008. We were scheduled to begin IVF in May. After taking my medical history, Brenda felt my chances of conceiving quickly using her techniques were high. Exactly 2 months and 2 days later, I was pregnant!  Cancelling my IVF was such a fantastic feeling.

Brenda, we thank you so much for all your wonderful support, fun personality, and for our beautiful daughter. I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know, because you provide hope and direction for couples who perhaps have none.

You helped us achieve our dream of having a family, for that, we can’t thank you enough”.
– Amanda and Chris

Wholistic Approach
“Brenda has a great awareness of the body and understands how to promote healing within it. Brenda works with you to find the most beneficial techniques to meet your needs while still making the treatment a serene and relaxing experience. The benefits of the treatment extend to day-to-day wellness, stress relief and general well-being. Brenda is professional, respectful and attentive. I have never had a therapist listen more attentively than she does”.
– Rachel

Good Health
“I have been a regular (monthly) client of The Health Tree in Glen Waverley since early 2002 I consider reflexology part of my health insurance plan and my general health and well being has never been better. Brenda’s reflexology, medical knowledge and skills has taught me many things, and I’m able to be proactive about my health, instead of reactive. After a sudden and severe case of Labyrinthitis, Brenda was able to provide relief through ear candling. With regular sessions each year I’m now able to manage this condition with minimal disruption to my life. I highly recommend Brenda, her professionalism, knowledge and skill has given me the opportunity and ability to lead a much healthier life”.
– Tracy

Natural Baby
“After 8 long years of trying to have a baby naturally, we turned to IVF for help. We were on the program for 2 years and had 8 cycles. During this time, I had 4 miscarriages (including Twins in the second trimester) It seemed that I couldn’t “hold” my pregnancies. I had everything from a cervical stitch to being on Clexane injections every day, and was classed as “High Risk”.

Then a friend suggested Reflexology, so I thought I would give it a go. I soon started seeing Brenda at the Health Tree in Glen Waverley, she was very interested in my history and was eager to help me achieve my dream of getting a baby to full term. A few months passed, and then I became pregnant again (with IVF). Through careful planning, and with Brenda’s treatment and suggestions, we got this baby to full term and I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.

Two years passed and we decided to try again, but this time I saw Brenda as soon as we started trying, and this time we didn’t need IVF and conceived naturally! Once again, Brenda’s expert advice and help resulted in a beautiful baby girl.”
– Rebekah and Graham

Pregnancy Pillar
“Seeing Brenda throughout my IVF treatment was the best choice I made in trying to fall pregnant.

Brenda’s understanding of the IVF process was very accurate so therefore she knew when my body was or was not ready for my next treatment. After I fell pregnant it was great to go and see her, lie down for an hour and relax while she made sure everything was on the right track.

I truly believe Brenda played a very huge in helping me fall and stay pregnant with my twins! Thanks Brenda”
– Kylie

Ear Candling
“It gives me great pleasure to write of the professional manner of Brenda’s ear candling treatments. Ear troubles after air pressurization and removal of wax are dealt with in a completely painless way! Brenda’s broad knowledge of medical detail is excellent.”
– Jim

Another Success Story
“I was recommended to go and see Brenda during a clairvoyant reading when I asked the Clairvoyant when I would have a baby. I had been trying for a few months and had not been able to conceive. The Clairvoyant said she thought I had a blockage somewhere and that Brenda would be able to help (she knew of Brenda’s work). My husband was suffering depression and this was getting me down as well.

On my first visit Brenda gave me a meditation/relaxation tape to listen to, some notes on what to eat and a list of vitamins to go and buy for both my husband and I take. I was skeptical at the start, and wondered how reflexology could really help me conceive.

After only a few months, I fell pregnant. It was almost a miraculous conception as we only had only tried once that month and only a couple the month before that as it was really the last thing on my husband’s mind while he was suffering depression!

I continued to see Brenda during my pregnancy and really enjoyed the reflexology, especially towards the end of my pregnancy; it was a great relief to my swollen feet and ankles.

I found Brenda really nice to talk too. It was a bit like a counseling session at the same time. If you are looking for an alternative way to conceive I would highly recommend Brenda.

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my next child, and it only took two months to conceive this time”.
– Trudy

Overall Improved Health
“I have had the absolute pleasure of coming to Brenda now for a number of years. I came to her with a multitude of health problems.      I have continued to come every month for treatment and experienced a great improvement in my overall health. I can not thank her enough, for the high level care she has shown to me, and her advise, that has helped me to enjoy and maintain better quality of life!

I highly recommend Brenda’s services, and look forward to every session”.
– Rachel

Miraculous Result!
“It’s hard to justify merely saying ‘Thank you’ to someone who has helped us in such a big way to achieving something miraculous!

When we first arrived at your practice we were resigned to the fact that “miraculous” was what it would take for us to conceive, given the information we had be told by doctors. The path to parenthood had certainly had it challenges, and at times was riddled with self doubts, but all through this journey your calm reassurance strengthened our resolve whenever it waned.

We are incredibly appreciative of all the advice and guidance we received from you along the road from becoming loving couple, to loving, happy family! All the time and effort you provided to enable us to achieve our dream is something we are extremely thankful for.

Today, we feel truly blessed to be able to watch our little boy grow, to watch him experience things for the first time…small milestones, from learning to smile, recognize faces, to gurgling noises that will one day become his voice. All the simple things that are taken for granted, we now get to see anew through the eyes of our son. Each one of these things serve as a reminder to be grateful for the dedicated efforts, kindness and care from someone (Brenda) who has now become a good friend and helped put another branch on our family tree.”
– Dan, Fil and baby Jamison.

Aches and Pains

“Brenda’s reflexology treatments eliminated my aches and pains as well as providing a wealth of needed relaxation, it also provides me with continuing stress relief and relaxation as well as ensuring my back pain remains a thing of the past, I would recommend to anyone!”

– Alison